Hey Netflix, where did all the episodes go? 8

I was excited about Netflix and when I first subscribed to the streaming video service. Like others, I had at times grown discouraged at the content available. But, I didn’t give up! I had always found something to watch. I often get caught up watching a long series of a TV show that I was not able to keep up with or revisit an old favorite. I used to rock my youngest daughter to sleep when she was a baby to That 70s Show. One of the first songs she was able to sing along with was that theme song! We watched the entire series (200 episodes) twice through.

The Impetus

The start to what caused me to get agitated and to consider cancelling my account has been getting caught up on The Office. We were happily getting close to the end of the series. Michael had left the show and they were deciding who was going to be the new boss. On Tuesday night we were planning to watch the last 3 episodes that Netflix had available. We go through our Netflix TV app to make the selection and the episodes were no longer available! It seems that there was a change in what programming was available and we’re now not able to finish the series that we had put many hours into watching.

The Change

It appears that Netflix is now limiting their shows to 100 episodes. This majorly impacts the level of interest I had in going back and watching older Star Trek Series like The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine, which had closer to 200 episodes in the lifetime of the show. What they are presenting is basically the first four seasons of a show with the first two episodes of each following season. So to do the math, about 10 percent of the remainder of the show is available after the first four seasons.

**NOTE – I just discovered in writing this that this issue is only happening on my internet connected Vizio TV. **

The Options

I was considering watching Quantum Leap when I found something discouraging. Several episodes per season are only available “On DVD only.” I look on my Android phone and I see those episodes are available. I should not have to settle for my laptop or a 5.3″ phone screen when I have 55″ of HD goodness with a Netflix button on the remote. I looked at Hulu Plus and all of those “DVD Only” episodes are available.

Since this appears to be a support issue with the TV, I am willing to wait a bit to see if it resolves itself. If not, I can take my monthly payment over to Hulu Plus. I’d prefer to stick with the service I was getting, but if it isn’t corrected I guess there is no alternative.

  • Justin_90

    any idea when/if vizio netflix app episode problem will be resolved?

  • No idea… I haven’t seen many other complaints out there either… I’m glad they are taking off some shows and bringing them back in HD though. That could be a good sign.

  • Whiskerninja

    It is so frustrating that Netflix is just getting rid of whole seasons of shows with no notice. I always start at the beginning of shows and watch them chronologically and have had several that suddenly are just gone, leaving me hanging with seasons missing.

    • Phillyansc

      In the instant queue on netflix’s site it tells you the date something will be expiring on the right but I think they only give you a one week heads up.  I’d suggest you checkout feedfliks.com, instantwatcher.com or streamingsoon.com which will give you way more info about title availability. 

  • I know this is a year + old, but I have this problem & just found out how to fix it.  I’ll use L&O: Criminal Intent as an example.  On my TV it shows 100 episodes but there’s well over 100.  I wanted to watch an episode from season 7, so I played the first couple of minutes of S07E01.  Then I powered off my TV & restarted netflix, and all of season 7 showed up.  

  • David See

    In December 2012 I started watching the 6 or so seasons of Quantum Leap
    I only watch perhaps 2 a week…
    So here I am late August into Season 5 or so and no more QUANTUM LEAP….
    Now I am in Canada but what THE HE DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS (I am Canadian.)

  • Justin McGill

    the problem with those DVD ONLY Quantum Leap issues are kind of a double edged sword.. YES.. Hulu + does have ALL of the episodes.. the ones mastered from the DVDs. Those were mastered with replacemnent, aka cheaper, generic music. The STREAMING from Netflix where possible tries to use copies that are the same as ORIGINALLY broadcast (and sometimes even extended episodes). These try to use the ORIGINAL music.. I’ve been watching the streaming and have noticed Chubby Checky, Elvis, Bing Crosby among tons and tons of others.. that I didnt expect to hear.. as music rights for older shows are notriously bad to get around.. The Wonder Years and WKRP are great examples.