My #24HoursOfThanks on Twitter for Thanksgiving

In the spirit of giving thanks on this holiday, I have posted 24 thank you notes to my friends and people I have interacted with on Twitter this past year. I could probably to many more of these as there are so many people that are great across many of the social media platforms. Hopefully, these 140 character shout-outs will demonstrate at least a bit of my appreciation. Here’s the list:

Hour 1 – @sookietex – Thanks for all the mentions, discussions and willingness to work together. #24HoursofThanks

Hour 2 – @dixus – Thanks for the good old days and for the FB connection. Danke! #24HoursofThanks

Hour 3 – @jonbart – Thanks for the continued communication and discussions through the years, you haxxor1337…. lol. #24HoursofThanks

Hour 4 – @thomaspcarroll – Thanks for the advice and guidance in the last year. #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 5 – @scloho – Thanks for the blogging advice, and marketing and sales discussions. #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 6 – @kmullett – Thanks for introducing me to Baan Thai and putting up with my hijinks (oh, and all the help too. ) #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 7 – @JonCorbrey – Thanks for all the extra efforts. It makes a huge difference! #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 8 – @ChrisHenke – Thanks for being a Git ‘r dun, lifesaver, go-to guy. The support has been awesome! #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 9 – @longsre – Thank you for the Scouting Spirit. It’s been great getting to know you and now @suzilong6 . #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 10 – @LincolnwayBSA and @AWACBSA – I’m thankful for all the people I have met through Scouting. Keep up the good work! #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 11 – @ScottBrick – Thank you for the prior correspondence and for being the voice of so many great audiobooks! #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 12 – @dpillie – Thanks for all the discussions and insights. Keep up the good work! #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 13 – @beingkari – Thanks for taking the time to get caught up after all these years! Best wishes and prayers to you! #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 14 – @b_gardiner – Thanks for all the efforts and wordification at @cirrusabs. Best of luck back in the car biz. #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 15 – @MattNickols – Thanks for the leadership, passion, and great example you set at @cirrusabs . #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 16 – @JosephDStewart – Thanks for venturing out and exploring the social sphere. I know you’ll be learning a lot! #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 17 – #SMBFW and Bacon – These two things just go together. I am thankful for both and the people who meet up there! #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 18 – @TommyRees_arm – Thank you, for without you I’m not sure what kind of season the Irish would have had. #goirish #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 19 – @TheAmazingBen – Thank you for maintaining the levels of awesome! I knew I could count on you!! #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 20 – @goscoville and @twylah – Thank you for playing an active role in support of your products. Kudos! #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 21 – @klout – Thank you for the @kloutperks this year for #fallingskies + more and acknowledging/correcting issues. #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 22 – @MySOdotCom , @clatko , @terrinakamura – Thanks for working with me on @empireave . The Eaves have been flowing! #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 23 – @mashable – Thank you for all the great information and news! It is incredibly valuable!! #24HoursOfThanks

Hour 24 – @fwkomets – Thank you for the 60 year legacy of Hockey in Fort Wayne! #letsgokomets ! #24HoursOfThanks