Turntable.fm adds new avatars for Halloween 1

Fans of Turntable.fm are in for a treat this Halloween season – NEW AVATARS! There has not been a huge selection to choose from, but a slew of Halloween themed avatars have been unleashed. The new avatars include Bride of Frankenstein, Hannibal Lector, Jason Voorhees, male and female skeletons, male and female mummies, a witch, Wolfman, vampire, a zombie, and Frankenstein. This should be enough to spice up Turntable for a while. Hopefully, we can see some groovy elves and Santa come Christmas!

  • Guest

    If you think those are cool, you REALLY need to come check out the ones on http://www.plug.dj they blow these out of the water! Plus they each have their own unique dance moves! And… the entire room is now a halloween theme. It’s crazy!!