Trover : A new, fun way to share photos of things you find based on location

Trover Application Discovery Screen

Trover Application Discovery Screen

On Oct. 10, Trover announced the launch of its application on the Android platform. Trover allows users to share their discoveries with their friends using a location based system.

A user takes a picture of something they find interesting (preferably in some artistic form), posts the image and description, and marks the the location with a pin using the phone’s GPS. Early use of the Trover app on the iPhone appeared to have been most heavily used on the West Coast. To date their had hardly been any entries in my area with maybe 25 within a 120 miles.

The app is available on the Android Market and on iTunes.

High Points

Trover Application Description Screen

Trover Application Description Screen

The interface for this app has run smooth and without issue on my Droid X. I have only done one location to date and it was simple to operate through the process. The operation of the app is pretty intuitive and simple to use.

Low Points

There is very little use of this in the area I live. It has been out on the iPhone for some time and it has just not taken off here. So, either I have to do a lot for others or get people involved. Either way, it’s not very organic.

Final Word

I’ll have to wait to see how this goes. I like the interface and how the app operates, but there is so little content at this point that it is a little frustrating. I’ll stick with it for a few weeks and we’ll have to check back and see what the results are.