Twitter Branded Pages By Twylah

Twitter Branded Pages by Twylah

Twitter Branded Pages by Twylah

I was introduced to Twylah last week by @kmullett  while at work. I applied for the beta invite and got in the next day. ( Thanks to @twylah for letting me in to take a look at this. It is greatly appreciated.)

 This site is still in beta. Unlike other betas I have looked at this one has an active staff who will reply in a timely fashion to your suggestions. Yea for customer service!  Take a look at what my Twylah page looks like.

What is Twylah?

Twylah advertises itself as Branded pages for Twitter primarily, but there are a couple of great features with Twylah that make it stand apart from other Twitter compilation tools.

  • Power Tweets – Each time you use this tool to tweet from the Twylah site, it takes you to an SEO-rich page with the tweet and a list of other recent tweets which contain similar keywords.
  • Your Twylah Page updates on its own, and you can customize the categories you list on your page and pin 3 of them to always appear first. Or, you can hide topics if you do not want them to appear on your page.

What’s next?

From what I’ve heard/read, they are looking at adding some color branding features. Currently (at least personal pages), there is set to an automatic blue theme.

Final word

I’m interested in seeing what effect Twylah ends up having on search engine result pages (SERPs). I have not been able to produce or discover any effects this has had or will have on SEO. I have tried to do a couple of tests with it and have not found any results. I would say that since this is still relatively new, that it will change as the site gains in authority. I haven’t put a lot of time in it to see how it gets indexed.
I’d certainly recommend that you give it a shot and see what your Twylah personal or business branded page would look like. Have you had any results with Twylah? What are your thoughts? Please leave me a comment if you’ve given Twylah a try.