PicPlz: A great (free) way to share your photos online

Picplz logo

Share your pics with Picplz

This is by far my favorite photo application for my Droid X.  Simply put, PicPlz allows you to take a picture and share it across multiple social networks at the same time. This is available for Android phones, iPhone, as well as online at picplz.com. All you need to sign-up is a Twitter or Facebook account.

 Where do I find PicPlz?

I first found PicPlz by surfing through the popular apps on the Android Market. Beyond the online site at picplz.com, you can get the mobile applications in the Android Market and on the iPhone app store.

Sample PicPlz image with 70s Vintage filter

Sample PicPlz image with 70s Vintage filter

How does PicPlz work?

What I like to do is open the PicPlz app and use the camera right from the app. You snap a picture and can apply one of several set in filters. (Check out the images to the right for a feed of some of my PicPlz images.) Most of the filters give your photos that retro camera look with effects like vintage 70s, black & white, toy camera. This app is similar to Retrocam, Instagram, Hipstamatic, Vignette and more. I tend to like the vintage 70s as my preferred filter. You do not have to use a filter if you do not want to.

Then you can tag a location, add a caption and select what services you want to post to. You can pick and choose where you want to post to including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, Foursquare and Dropbox. After you accept that, Picplz works in the background to post to all these services. Picplz also sends you an email saying that a new photo was uploaded through the service.

Final Word

I’m hard pressed to find a better all-in-one photo app that will do all this. It has been dependable in sharing to Facebook and Twitter, as well as the other services I have. Like anything else, there can always be more places to share to, but this covers the bases very well. If you’re on the iPhone give it a try instead of the Instagram. If you’re an Android user, then you should have no reason not to at least try this.