Forecast: Let others know where you’re going on Foursquare

Screenshot from Forecast

The best things I have seen about Foursquare have been the ability to see where your friends have checked in and the surprise of when someone checks in at the same place you are. Oh, and talks about mayorships are always fun.

Only once had I ever really been surprised by a check-in when State Senator Jim Banks checked in at the Boat House Restaurant the same time I did this spring. It gave us a couple of minutes to get caught up.

The biggest problem I have with Foursquare is the inconsistantcies with the check-ins. People check in at any point and sometimes when they are not there or have already left. For that reason, I am excited about the Forecast App.

Forecast allows you to tell your friends where you are going ahead of time. That way, if you are headed to the same pace your friend is you can make sure to look for each other. You can even queue up multiple Forecasts and do one-click check-ins. You can do one complete day’s schedule with Forecast.

The mobile app can be found in the Droid Market and the Apple App Store, but you’ll more than likely need a Beta Invite from a friend to get started.

Final Word

I have just started using this App on my Droid X and it seems to work well. Some reviews have talked about mapping functionality, but I have not seen any issues yet. I would like to send a shout-out to Scloho for the Beta invite.